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Franklin Trading Algorithmic Models: Innovative Forex Trading Tools For the NinjaTrader Platform 

The Franklin Levels (FL) — Forex and Forex Futures Chart indicator — is a proprietary chart add-on indicator that automatically updates daily with the latest probability trading range and trading levels.

Benefits of Trading with the Franklin Levels

As a stand-alone charting tool, the Franklin Levels give traders the ability to review the predictive analysis provided in the Forex Trading Radar report. Although traders will not benefit from all the information detailed in the daily reports, they will at least have some market foresight. 

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The Franklin Dollar Index (FDX) – Forex and Forex Futures trading indicator – uses a proprietary formula to create an unbiased performance analysis of the US Dollar against other major trading currencies. 

Benefits of Trading with the Franklin Dollar Index

The Franklin Dollar Index will help with the development of strategic trading strategies based on perceived quantitative relationships among Dollar based currency pairs. Furthermore, the Franklin Dollar Index was specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Franklin Market Oscillator. This implementation provides both one directional trading insight as well as cross Forex pair analysis. The result is an innovative way to determine how currency pairs not only perform against each other but also against the index overall.

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The Franklin Market Oscillator (FMO) — Forex and Forex Futures trading indicator — is a proprietary trading indicator that contains a statistically driven structure that also incorporates a mechanism for measuring trends as well as overbought and oversold conditions. The result of this Algorithmic Model is a robust leading indicator that attempts to not only identify highly probable reversal areas but elements of statistical trends in all market conditions. 

Benefits of Trading with the Franklin Market Oscillator 

As a stand-alone Forex trading indicator, the Franklin Market Oscillator gives traders a fairly straightforward tool that is functional and adaptable in any market conditions. This trading tool attempts to element market noise through its blended combination of statistical insight and trend analysis in efforts to help traders strategically plan their trades. The Franklin Market Oscillator was specifically designed to only work in conjunction with the Franklin Dollar Index. 

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